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Our video production online courses do not involve a huge time commitment or a big bank account.

If you have spent any time watching videos online, you may have guessed that most vloggers and video posters have not obtained any training in video production. If you want to develop a video channel for fun or an income stream and want to be sure that your videos attract followers instead of scaring them off, you don’t need a higher education degree. What you need is our video production online courses. At Tee-Tah Productions in Texas, we love being a video production company, and while we are happy to help individuals by editing their videos, we also love to help them produce better videos on their own.

Online Video Course

Our video production online courses do not involve a huge time commitment or a big bank account. We keep them simple to provide an introduction to what we believe is an exciting experience that can be very fulfilling. We also keep them affordable and convenient because we know you do not need complicated materials to help you learn if videography is something you will enjoy.

We recommend you get started with our Intro to Videography course that covers the equipment and software options available that can have you producing professional and creative content before you know it. We’ll tell you how to take the first step and give you insight into the skills and creativity that go into video production and editing. You’ll also learn about basic composition, including basic lighting, beauty lighting, comedic lighting, and dramatic lighting. We also cover the audio part of video production.

If you would like to know more about our video production online courses, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are confident that an online film course is the best way to go to learn about this exciting field and get on the road to creating videos that will boost your presence on the web or serve as an everlasting memory for an eventful moment.