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Sometimes a dream begins early, but it can take a lot of work to culminate into success.

At Tee-Tah Productions, our owner, Latosha, realized at the young age of 10 that she wanted to use her vivid imagination as a tool to help others. Her dream was to create stories and sets, such as is part of movie production. She obtained some Commercial Art training that touched on the basics. Through perseverance, she learned to operate a camera and edit film.

About Tee-Tah Productions in Texas

She got her first break in 2006 when her hometown church merged with another one and they were looking for assistance with media ministry. To this day, Latosha still loves church video production and working in media ministry.

Her next foray into video production came from working with a local television station, KPLC-TV, an NBC affiliate. While this was exhilarating work that helped her build a strong work ethic, she realized it was time to take the next step for her to gain more experience in the field. In 2011, she majored in Digital Cinematography where her tuition also covered the equipment and software that she would ultimately use to get started in her own video production company. She moved to Texas with her husband, and together they are raising two daughters and a son.

It was a long road to get to where she is today as the driving force behind Tee-Tah Productions, but the hard work and passion has made our company one that not only loves to produce and edit videos but also to help others on this journey.

Whether you need church ministry videos, event videos, promotional videos or other video services, or you are interested in our video production online courses, you can be confident you’ll get the top-notch support and attention you deserve.